• Apple iPhone X Teardown

  • Posted: September 13, 2017

    If you are here, you have already heard the news: Apple is releasing the iPhone X in early November. We were expecting a lot of “new” from this phone, and it looks like Apple will not disappoint.

    The X will have the first OLED screen seen in an iPhone. It will use facial recognition (Face ID) for phone access, it will not have a physical button on the front, it will have two cameras on the front, it will use what Apple is calling a Super Retina Display, and it will include the All Bionic Neural Engine…

    So what do we not know?

    Most of the questions we were asking of the iPhone 8 apply to the iPhone X:

    • Will we see the Intel XMM 7480 LTE modem, or will Apple surprise us by adopting Intel’s CDMA supported XMM 7560 LTE modem?
    • Will we see the Qualcomm X16 LTE modem or the X12 LTE modem?
    • Will we continue to see NFC supported by NXP, or will STMicro win the socket?
    • What is behind the front cameras? Are they possibly enabled by a new STMicro Time of Flight Sensor?
    • Will the TSMC 10 nm fabbed Apple A11 APU have significant floorplan changes compared to the previous A10?

    Our analysts will be uncovering the mysteries of the iPhone X in detail in November, and they will also be tearing down the new iPhone 8 and the Series 3 Watch this month.

    Watch this space for updates on the iPhone X, or register here to receive notifications of updates to our blog.

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