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Published: 9 September 2015

This Circuit Vision analysis covers circuit extraction, analysis and organization of all major circuit blocks on the Samsung K3RG3G30MM 3 Gbit LPDDR4 Mobile DRAM die. The analysis includes deliverables such as: Architectural Overview • Package Photographs (Top and Bottom) • Package X-Ray • Die Photograph • Die Map (Physical location of circuit elements) • Array Information • Dimensions Address Bitmap Data Access Diagram Functional Block Diagram Data Path • Hierarchical block diagram of data path • Input Path Schematics (Complete circuits from pad to memory cell) • Input Buffers • Write Drivers (Local and Global) • Data precharge and switching • Output path Schematics (Complete circuits from memory cell to pad) • Sense Amplifiers o Data Amplifiers • Data precharge and switching • Output Buffers • Multibit test comparison • Data mask Address Path • Hierarchical block diagram of address path • Address buffers • Row and column address latches (including latency configuration if applicable) • Block and wordline decoding • Bitline decoding • Redundancy scheme for row and column Voltage Generator System • VPP Pump and Regulator • VBB Pump and Regulator • Internal VDD Regulator • Internal Reference Voltage Generators Voltage Switches • Bitline Precharge Voltage Generator • Cell Plate Voltage Generator Command, Control and Test Circuitry • Input Buffers for all command and clock pins • Command decoding and control signal generation • Mode registers Refresh counters and control Power Up Circuitry Embedded Flash Memory • Test circuitry

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