Spotlight Channel Subscription


    Engineering, Product Management, and Procurement Professionals access valuable insights into competitive and technical intelligence, supply chain trends, bill of materials costs, as well as, evidence of use and design win data through’s channel subscriptions. Each channel offering provides a meaningful collection of data where we anticipate significant innovation, volumes, and/or growth.


    Sample Manufacturers

    Projected # of Teardowns

    Drones Contains a global representation of drones ranging from high-end cameras to low-end consumer hobbyist models. Teardowns will identify sensors, image processors, mechanicals, application processors, communication ICs, memory and more.

    DJI, Parrot, 3DR, Yuneec, Hubsan


    SSDs Channel

    SSDs Devices will represent a sampling of the industry leaders in the SSD space, ranging from enterprise to consumer. Expect to uncover the driving forces behind density increases and cost reduction.

    Samsung, Micron, SK Hynix, Toshiba, Seagate


    Notebooks Provides teardowns of the highest volume devices world-wide in the notebook space. Device selection will offer insight into multiple segments including laptops, ultra-books and 2-in-1 detachable hybrids.

    Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Hewlett Packard


    Cameras Device selection will consist of mid-ranged DSLR to ruggedized action cameras. Discover new design wins and IC characteristics involved in camera technology innovation.

    GoPro, Nikon, Sony, Garmin, Kodak


    STBs/Streaming Devices Teardowns will provide analysis on an assortment of products ranging from operator deployed Set-Top-Boxes to OEM media streaming devices. Compare the latest costing trends and design techniques across multiple manufacturers.

    Roku, Amazon, Huawei, Apple, Technicolor, Motorola, Google