• TechInsights' Internet of Things Subscription

  • Tailored technical analysis on Internet of Things (IoT) devices

    For leaders who want to base their product roadmaps on hard facts and understand what’s really cooking inside cutting-edge IoT devices and Systems on Chip (SoCs), TechInsights’ IoT subscription is the ideal solution.

    IoT is the best semiconductor industry driver since the emergence of the smartphone. Early IoT devices used multiple chips to deliver a range of functionality; more recent IoT devices employ SoCs by companies like Nordic, MediaTek, Dialog, STMicroelectronics and Qualcomm.

    TechInsights’ IoT subscription product provides tailored technical analysis to help you address the challenges of developing your IoT product strategy.

    Challenges in developing IoT product strategy

    • Many competitors, many products to track
    • Lots of speculation, few sources for factual data
    • Too many places to track socket wins
    • Difficult to find data about winning features
    • Current information is critical but hard to find
    • Difficult to de-risk R&D investment

    How TechInsights' IoT can help

    • Provides facts on IoT SoC and the competitive landscape
    • Enables you to make informed decisions about device designs
    • Allows you to go to market quicker with best of class products
    • Empowers you to grow market share and revenue
    • Tailored options provide the analysis you need, when you need it

    Who TechInsights' IoT can help

    TechInsights' IoT offerings have been developed to provide the focused technical intelligence you need based on your industry and role.

  • Tailored IoT analysis to meet your needs

    TechInsights' IoT offerings have been developed to provide the focused technical intelligence you need based on your industry and role.

    ChipSelect IoT offerings

    Online access to daily updated design wins database, > 120 product teardowns & ~80 reports per year

    BOMs / PCB board images / Component images / Package images and x-rays / Die markings and die corners.

    ~ 20 SoCs per year

    Top metal and polysilicon die images / Floor plan analysis on die utilization / Die cost / Block sizes and functionality / Process proof

    10-15 SoCs per year

    Plan view SEM image database of target blocks / High level hierarchical schematics of target blocks

    2-3 SoCs per year

    Circuit extraction of target blocks / Plan view SEM image set with full hierarchical schematics of target blocks

    3 Analyst Briefing Reports per year

    Executive level summary/highlights of what has occurred in past 120 days, new products/devices released to market, and analysis roadmap

    1 Onsite Analyst Workshop per year

    Covers market trends/highlights/predictions and analysis roadmap


    Why TechInsights

    Technical Expertise

    Industry analysts/engineers who are experts in their fields with best in class labs/equipment to deep dive innovation

    Track Record of Success

    Teardown, Image Sensors / aCMOS, etc., and over 25 years of success in semiconductor reverse engineering


    Win-win relationship with world class customer support and regular interactions with customers