• TechInsights Memory Subscription

  • Huge up-front R&D investment requires customers to have up-to-date and accurate competitive intelligence

    Figure out the challenges in developing your product strategy first.

    Our analysis quantify the unknown. We find out what it costs your to bring advanced memory to market, make informed decisions, market research challenges to find out what your risks are, and find out what your de-risking strategy should be.

    How TechInsights Memory can help

    • Provides the facts you need to make informed decisions on your biggest investments
    • Allows you to go to market quicker with best of class products
    • Empowers you to grow market share and revenue
    • Memory TechInsights analyzes, summarizes and synthesizes:
      • SSD Teardown & Costing
      • Advanced Process & Packaging
      • Process Flows
      • Comprehensive Circuit Analysis

    Tailored Memory analysis to meet your needs

    TechInsights Memory offerings have been developed to provide the focused technical intelligence you need based on your industry and role.

    ChipSelect IoT offerings

    Teardown and Costing - SSD

    BOMs / PCB board images / Component images / Package images and x-rays / Die markings and die corners. (25 Deep Dive Teardowns)

    Advanced Process & Packaging

    7-8 Memory ACE / 4-5 PKG ACE / ** 3 Briefings / ** 1 Annual Visit / 8 hrs support

    Process Flows

    *Requires Advanced Process and Packaging
    8-9 PFA / 5-6 PFF / Upgraded Visit / +8 hrs support

    Circuit Analysis

    Individual report purchase

    ** 3 Analyst Briefing Reports per year

    Executive level summary/highlights of what has occurred in past 120 days, new products/devices released to market, and analysis roadmap

    ** 1 Onsite Analyst Workshop per year

    Covers market trends/highlights/predictions and analysis roadmap


    Why TechInsights

    Technical Expertise

    Industry analysts/engineers who are experts in their fields with best in class labs/equipment to deep dive innovation

    Track Record of Success

    TechInsights subscriptions in teardown, Image Sensors / aCMOS, etc., and over 25 years of success in semiconductor reverse engineering


    Win-win relationship with world class customer support and regular interactions with customers