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    Teardown.com is a subscription-based service that provides channel specific reports revealing the inner workings and secrets of innovative technologies, form factors, and feature sets. Using the most advanced reverse-engineering and technical analysis capabilities in the world our reports provide:

    • Deep insights into design win information
    • Details on how the product works and why
    • Innovative design features and even supply chain relationships.
    Teardown reports may also include an in-depth estimate of the bill of materials (BOM).


    Get specialized technical insights in one of three easy ways

    1. Channel subscription

      – our most cost-effective option for getting regular, timely insights on devices we teardown in the following channels:
      • Mobile devices
      • Wearables
      • Drones
      • SSDs
      • Notebooks
      • Cameras
      • STBs/Streaming Devices
    2. Individual reports

      – download any teardown report from our e-store

    3. Custom reports

      – ideal when you need a device, component, technology or product analyzed and it is not already available through our channel subscription or as a standalone report.

    Just want the data?

    Checkout our popular IRIS web-based tool.

    Engineering, Product Management, and Procurement Professionals use teardown reports to:

    • Go to market faster with winning products
    • Design better products
    • Avoid getting caught off guard by surprises and disruptive events
    • Understand the competitive landscape
    • Make better product decisions
    • And more

    Mobile Devices

    Our mobile channel includes smartphones, tablets and phablets. Our device selection is based on point of sale (POS) data and covers a variety of geographical centres.

    • Manufacturers include: Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, Nokia
    • Projected number of teardowns: 150 reports annually


    Our wearables channel covers personal health & fitness wearable systems, wearable computers, VR headsets, and connected sporting equipment.

    • Manufacturers may include but are not limited to: FitBit, Garmin, Samsung, LG, Apple, and Jawbone
    • Projected number of teardowns: 55 reports annually


    Our drone channel contains a global representation of drones ranging from high-end cameras to low-end consumer hobbyist models. Teardowns will identify sensors, image processors, mechanicals application processors, communication ICs, memory and more.

    • Sample manufacturers include: DJI, Parrot, 3DR, Yuneec, Hubsan
    • Projected number of teardowns: 10 reports annually


    Our SSDs channel represents a sampling of the industry leaders in the SSD space, ranging from enterprise to consumer. Expect to uncover the driving forces behind density increases and cost reduction.

    • Sample manufacturers include: Samsung, Micron, SK, Hynix, Toshiba, Seagate
    • Projected number of teardowns: 20 reports


    Our notebook channel provides teardowns of the highest volume devices world-wide in the notebook space. Device selection will offer insight into multiple segments including laptops, ultra-books and 2-in-1 detachable hybrids.

    • Sample manufacturers include: Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, Dell, Hewlett Packard
    • Projected number of teardowns: 12 reports


    Our camera device selection consists of mid-ranged DSLR to ruggedized action cameras. Discover new design wins and IC characteristics involved in camera technology innovation.

    • Sample manufacturers include: GoPro, Nikon, Sony, Garmin, Kodak
    • Projected number of teardowns: 12 reports

    STBs/Streaming Devices

    Our STBs/Streaming Devices teardowns will provide analysis on an assortment of products ranging from operator deployed Set-Top-Boxes, OEM media streaming devices. Compare the latest costing trends and design techniques across multiple manufacturers.

    • Sample manufacturers include: Roku, Amazon, Huawei, Apple, Technicolor, Motorola, Google
    • Projected number of teardowns: 10 reports

    Custom Teardowns

    Take advantage of the most advanced reverse-engineering, proprietary tools, and specialized engineering expertise in the world to get exactly what you want.

    Our technology analysts will teardown any device, component or product to provide you with the insights you need. We can tailor our report findings – adding to our already comprehensive report format.

    Our Custom Teardown experience spans every major technology category including:

    • Automobiles
    • Robots
    • Industrial equipment
    • Point of Sale Devices
    • Wireless Chargers
    • Medical Equipment
    • Networking/cellular equipment
    • And others

    Why Custom Teardown Reports?

    • You have an interest in devices not included in our channels
    • You have a requirement for a unique report analysis and deliverable
    • You want to compare your products to specific competitors
    • You want exclusivity on product teardowns of your choice
    • You need in-depth commentary and consultation

    Other Custom Services Include

    • Custom database extracts
    • Individual component costing
    • Cost comparisons and projections
    • Functional area analysis
    • Power Measurement analysis
    • Mechanical functionality and costing
    • Analyst consultation
    • Performance measurements and benchmarking


    Sample Reports

    Our Teardown reports use a standard format to help you quickly navigate each device report and find the data that’s important to you.

    Two types of teardown reports provide increasing analysis and insights:

    Deep Dive Teardown Reports:

    • Our most exhaustive and popular type of teardown report, available across all channels
    • A full product teardown that includes:
      • ICs identification and costing
      • A PDF report containing pictures of circuit boards with annotated ICs, major subassemblies, antennas
      • Die photos for major ICs and tables for features description and dimensional data
      • Costed bill of materials (BOM) spreadsheet
      • RF block diagram
      • System block diagram
    • Deep Dive report coverage is not limited to electronics, it also includes a BOM for all non-electronic parts, each of which is also costed, so we can provide a total cost for the product.

    Survey Plus Teardown Reports:

    • Available only for our Mobile Device Channel
    • Includes:
      • A PDF report containing pictures of circuit boards with annotated ICs, major subassemblies, antennas
      • Die photos for major ICs and tables for features description and dimensional data
      • Costed bill of materials (BOM) spreadsheet
      • RF block diagram
    • Survey Plus Reports are essentially a major electronics teardown where we catalog and identify ICs for all major functions.

    Take-a-peek at these sample reports to see for yourself

    Mobile Device Deep Dive Sample Reports

    Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920I

    Mobile Device Survey Plus Sample Reports

    Huawei Ascend GX1 SC-CL00

    Mobile Device Preliminary Sample Report

    Samsung Z1 SM-Z130H/DS

    Wearables Sample Reports

    Apple Watch A1554

    Drones Channel Sample Reports

    Ehang Ghost Aerial White 1.0 A273775154

    SSDs Channel Sample Reports

    SanDisk SSD Z400s SATA 256GB

    Notebooks Channel Sample Reports

    Dell XPS 13 9343

    Cameras Sample Channel Reports

    GoPro HERO4 Black CHDHX-401

    STBs/Streaming Devices Channel Sample Report

    Cisco Explorer 8742HDC




    IRIS (Information Retrieval Insights System)

    Extensive Market Data at Your Fingertips

    IRIS is an easily searchable, web-based database containing almost three-decades of accumulated semiconductor data from teardown analysis conducted by TechInsights.

    IRIS puts competitive teardown information on over 20,000 ICs and 2000 products at your fingertips including:

    • Cellular handsets, digital cameras, multimedia players, navigation devices, medical devices, gaming devices, and the various elements that make up the digital home

    Make Better Decisions Based on Hard Facts

    In addition to helping Intellectual Property professionals establish business cases for IP monetization activities, IRIS is a powerful complementary offering to channel license holders to search and find trends across reports. With IRIS you can:

    • Determine design wins in high revenue products to help identify licensing campaigns and/or complementary part opportunities.
    • Gather competitive intelligence to cultivate supply chain relationships.
    • Explore technology trends across device and product sectors.
    • Export and analyze extensive Bills of Materials of specific products and systems.
    • Extensive IC costing data
    • Make faster, better, and more cost-effective decisions about your competitive positioning, technology options, R&D strategies, intellectual property positions, and marketplace opportunities.

    Key Features

    • Intuitive: IRIS provides an interface that is easy to navigate. Within seconds, specific IC or system data is provided with associated contextual information.
    • Interactive: Search boxes enable full or partial searching on a range of IC or system criteria. Results can be refined using nested filters to produce key relevant data sets.
    • Accessible: Support for all major web browsers is provided. View reports on your desktop, laptop, or tablet devices.
    • Visual: Customizable visualizations display IC data using selection driven filters and lists. Generate on-demand graphical representations of any data set to identify trends.
    • Related: Pinpoint connections between system-package-die, components and create interconnected visualizations that transcend thousands of components and devices