• Build better patents

  • Build better patents

    Are your patents as strong as they need to be to protect your business, provide leverage or help achieve goals for your business?

    Can you draft enhanced claims today that cover your competitive products more precisely?

    We can identify evidence of “similar use” in competitive products that will help your prosecution team write stronger claims to optimize your patent applications – and make them more applicable to a specific market, technology, company, or product.

    Know exactly what’s needed to strengthen your application

    TechInsights’ deep understanding of patent claim detectability and industry use can give you an advantage.

    We will provide you with a detailed technical perspective that reveals the way your patents read now, and further text in the disclosure that more fully describes the implementation in a target.

    The opportunities we identify can be the difference between a strong patent that reads well on specific targets – with the potential to generate substantial revenue from successful licensing programs or litigation activities – and a weaker patent that costs you money each year, with little to no return.

    Deep technical insights build patent value

    A critical advantage that TechInsights brings to helping strengthen your patent application(s) is history and experience. No other IP partner has our experience with proving patent value and our history of technical analysis.

    Simply put, because of our years of demonstrating use, we are best-placed to help you build a patent that has your objectives in mind.

    We perform proactive technology analysis on a wide range of products to give us immediate access to a vast knowledge base that we then leverage to provide substantive and reliable insights on technologies, products, and markets.

    Evidence-based patent strengthening

    TechInsights works with IP professionals and legal counsel during the critical laid-open period to identify potential opportunities that will strengthen the application.

    In-house reverse engineering analysis delivers Indication of Use for the claims you are prosecuting.

    We can also provide recommendations on strengthening patent continuations in jurisdictions where they are available.

    Save time and money by auditing and culling your applications, our assessment can also be used to recommend which applications to abandon.