• Make the best technology
    investment decisions

    Our technical insights reveal the innovations
    others can’t inside the broadest range of electronics
    and semiconductor devices.

  • Revealing the innovation that others can’t

    If you need to know what’s inside advanced technology products, TechInsights can help.

    We have the ability to uniquely go from the system to atomic level to reveal what’s inside, how it works and why with greater depth and breadth than any other provider today.

    We use the most sophisticated in-house reverse engineering and technical analysis capabilities in the world to reveal the innovation others can’t inside the broadest range of electronics and semiconductor devices.

    The insights we provide allows you to make the best technology investments decisions possible.

    Use our analysis and insights to…

    • Discover what products are winning in the highest-growth technology markets and why
    • Spot or anticipate disruptive events including innovations and the entrance of new players
    • Understand state-of-the-art technology in real products by providing independent, objective analysis
    • De-risk your product strategy , enter new markets or take advantage of emerging opportunities
    • Make better product and pricing decisions more quickly and with greater confidence

    Choose from a variety of specialized products & services

    Technology Reports

    Get the most accurate competitive technical intelligence through ready to download, standardized Technology Reports. All reports are available 24/7 from the TechInsights store, one of the largest and most up-to-date online repositories of technical information in the world with over 10,000 incisive reports and counting. More.


    A subscription-based service that gives you regular analysis that reveals the inner workings, form factors, feature sets, and in-depth estimate of the bill of materials (BOM) of innovative products in specific channels: mobile devices, wearables, drones, SSDs, notebooks, cameras, STBs/Streaming devices. More.

    IC Analysis Subscriptions

    A subscription-based service that enables you to get our in-depth analysis of Advanced CMOS processes, Image Sensors, and Design Architecture. More.

    Custom Analysis

    Tailored solutions that answer: “How did they do that?” We offer custom analysis in four areas: product teardowns, circuit analysis, process analysis, and systems analysis. Our analysis goes as deep as required to discover the nature of an innovation in the most innovative or disruptive products in the market today. More.

    Use Case Dramatizes the ROI

    “The insight from these reports enabled our engineers to quickly get an objective view of the silicon landscape in the HDD and SSD space; and design a superior product.
    A $150,000 investment saved us 6 months and enabled us to go-to-market with a superior product. Revenues from these and subsequent design wins are on the order of hundreds of millions of dollars.”

    Senior Design Manager for HDD’s and SSD’s Silicon


    Many customers say our Competitive Analysis provides
    up to a 10x return on their investment

    “The cost of not employing competitive technical intelligence is lost market share, revenues and earnings per share. We practice competitive technical intelligence on a regular basis to not only protect our market share but to grow our market share through innovative and superior silicon solutions”

    CTO Semiconductor Corporation

    “Getting regular, monthly reports ensure that we stay on top of new features and new players. We feel plugged in and connected to the industry. We are able to spot the disruptive competitive events with greater accuracy and speed than we had been with our organic method”

    Senior Design Engineer

    “I am not aware of anyone who proactively analyzes a similar volume of consumer devices and produces such accurate and valuable analysis so quickly as TechInsights.”

    Manager, Competitive Intelligence

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