• Systems Analysis

  • Leverage your valuable systems patents

    Connected devices and systems are increasingly complex. Uncovering and demonstrating patent value in systems often requires an understanding of an end-to-end system from IC, to board-level hardware to software to communication protocols.

    TechInsights’ unparalleled in-house Systems, Circuit, and Process patent knowledge and capabilities help clients unlock EoU / IoU for claim elements previously considered difficult to support.

    Products we analyze

    • Consumer electronics (cameras, set-top boxes, wearables, navigation devices)
    • Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets)
    • Automotive systems
    • Solid state drives
    • Medical devices
    • IoT networkable devices (e.g. smart meters, thermostats, vacuums, connected white goods, smart TVs, smart LED lighting)
    • Network equipment / appliances

    Successfully supporting difficult patents

    Increasing device and system complexity often requires refined reverse engineering techniques to support patent claim elements.

    Your one-stop shop for comprehensive turnkey solutions

    Dealing with complex technologies, juggling limited resources and short timelines are common constraints that challenge IP teams. By operating as an extension of your in-house technical team, TechInsights can complement your capabilities, extend your capacity and help get the most out of your systems patents. Our systems analysis specialists work closely with our circuit and software teams to deliver the necessary test vectors, methods and interpretation of results.

    We will staff and manage your projects with the appropriate systems, software and IP experts, de-risk your investment using flexible pay-as-you-go project plans, assure on-time delivery and provide post-delivery technical support.

    Revealing the innovation others cannot

    Systems analysis

    • Functional and feature testing including in-circuit microprobing
    • Digital circuit reverse engineering and simulation
    • FIB circuit editing
    • Nanoprobing of ICs and discrete semiconductor devices
    • Circuit / subsystem testing
    • Hardware access and probing:
      • JTAG, ICE, Flash programmers
      • Logic and protocol analyzers
      • Basestation emulators
      • Wi-Fi access points and customer premises equipment