• ACMOS Subscription


    Understand all aspects of the process advancements
    driving more-than-moore's law scaling

    Unlike individual technical reports available from TechInsights, with TechInsights' ACMOS you receive full coverage and analysis of major events in one convenient product across a variety of manufacturers:

    • Advanced Planar and FinFET Logic
    • DRAM
    • FLASH
    • Emerging and Embedded Memories
    • Advanced Packaging
    Access to this data creates cross-pollination across major semiconductor disciplines.


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    Important Benefits

    A TechInsights' ACMOS subscription provides your internal competitive analysis team with everything they need at a fraction of the cost of spearheading the required technical analysis and reverse engineering activities yourself. Here’s what you get:


    • Access to thousands of die photos


    • ~20 Advanced CMOS Essentials per annum
    • SEM and TEM image folders
    • Materials analysis
    • Executive summary highlighting critical features


    • Tri-annual analyst summary report
    • Annual subject matter expert on-site workshop at a location of your choice

    Understand where the competition will be with respect to Moore's Law cost scaling.

    TechInsights' Analysts

    Our analysts are dedicated to monitoring and understanding all aspects of Advanced CMOS, looking across manufacturers and technologies.

    Analyst summary reports and on-site workshop cover:

    • Design-technology interaction
    • Process Integration highlights (based on process flows)
    • Technical trend by technology element (new patterning schemes, new metal gate structures, new materials, etc...)
    • Detailed explanation of process integrations
    • Next-node projections
    • Previously unpublished technical analyses

    Leverage this broad understanding to improve your next-node technology choices.

    New TechInsights' ACMOS Supplement:
    Transistor Characterizations – Logic
    Complete the picture of process technology and performance

    ACMOS Supplement enables you to understand the process, measure performance, and spot the industry trends. You get:

    • 4 reports/year
    • Universal curves to benchmark transistor performance
    • Transistors are randomly measured in CPU logic and normalized to layout width
    • Universal curves for IOFF vs. ION and IOFF vs. ID,LIN derived from up to10 NMOS and up to 10 PMOS transistors, across multiple VDD
    • Detailed Transfer Characteristics for each universal curve data point

    More than just standalone reports! You also receive regular analyst updates:

    • Comparative analysis of foundries
    • Identify changes in process that improve output