• Apple A10, TSMC inFO-WLP Package Technology Process Analysis Report

  • The iPhone 7 brings us the new A10 processor. This report is a process analysis report of the Apple A10, TSMC inFO-WLP Package Technology Process.

    The A10 processor Package on Package module was the first observation of TSMCs Integrated Fan-Out (InFO) packaging technology.

    TechInsights has launched an Advanced CMOS Essentials (ACE) packaging analysis report on this innovative packaging technology from TSMC and Apple.

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    Understand all aspects of advanced process technologies and where the competition will be with respect to Moore’s Law cost scaling. Leverage this understanding to improve your next-node technology choices.

    Interested in Advanced CMOS Essentials (ACE) deliverable for Advanced Packaging on this device? Lean about our capabilities here, and contact us.

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