• Qualcomm WTR5975 Gigabit LTE Transceiver

  • The WTR5975 is a member of the Snapdragon 835 family found in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and is the world’s first single-chip RF IC supporting Gigabit Class LTE, LTE-U, and LAA with 5 GHz unlicensed band support. The highly integrated WTR5975 supports up to 4x downlink CA, 2x uplink CA, all 3GPP-approved bands, including 3.5 GHz bands 42 and 43, and 4x4 MIMO in a single transceiver chip, dramatically reducing the footprint required to support advanced CA and MIMO configurations

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    We will be completing a full analog circuit report delivered on the CircuitVision platform, containing a full set of schematics and annotated photographs divided into the following sections:

    • Architectural Overview
    • Amplifier Path
    • Buck Converter
    • Boost Converter
    • LDO Regulator
    • APT Switch
    • Auxiliary Circuits

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