• Custom Teardowns

  • Take advantage of the most advanced reverse-engineering, proprietary tools, and specialized engineering expertise in the world to get exactly what you want.

    Our technology analysts will teardown any device, component or product to provide you with the insights you need. We can tailor our report findings – adding to our already comprehensive report format.

    Our Custom Teardown experience spans every major technology category including:

    • Automobiles
    • Robots
    • Industrial equipment
    • Point of Sale Devices
    • Wireless Chargers
    • Medical Equipment
    • Networking/cellular equipment
    • And others

    Why Custom Teardown Reports?

    • You have an interest in devices not included in our channels
    • You have a requirement for a unique report analysis and deliverable
    • You want to compare your products to specific competitors
    • You want exclusivity on product teardowns of your choice
    • You need in-depth commentary and consultation

    Other Custom Services Include

    • Custom database extracts
    • Individual component costing
    • Cost comparisons and projections
    • Functional area analysis
    • Power Measurement analysis
    • Mechanical functionality and costing
    • Analyst consultation
    • Performance measurements and benchmarking