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    • Applications Processors
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    If you are a Product Manager, Product Line Manager or Product Planner you will find TechInsights' Design Architecture invaluable.

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    Important Benefits


    • Access to thousands of die photos


    • ~ 40 Basic Functional Analysis Reports per annum
      • Floorplan analysis and die utilization
      • Package/BEOL stackup and foundry ID
      • Logic library and memory bitcell usage
    • ~12 Standard Cell Essentials per annum
      • Routing efficiency
      • Standard cell layout and design
      • Cell utilization Pareto chart
      • Executive summary highlighting critical features


    • Tri-annual analyst summary report
    • Annual subject matter expert on-site at a location of your choice

    TechInsights' Analysts

    Our Design Architecture analyst tracks the state of the art in SOC design architecture.

    Analyst summary reports and on-site workshop cover:

    • Design-technology interaction
    • Feature-neutral gate density metric comparison
    • Technology pitches vs patterning limits
    • Total process cost
    • Comparison of cell usage
    • Performance Tradeoff vs BEOL stackup
    • And more

    Use our expertise to make the right design decisions and stay ahead of the competition